My Design Process

Content analysis, Information Architecture

Content analysis, Information Architecture

I work with the client to learn about the product and business goals to research their field of industry. After I gather and structure the content, I build wireframes or low-fi mockups to visualize user navigation and interaction.

UI Framework, Branding Styles, Prototypes

UI Framework, Branding Styles, Prototypes

After wireframe approval, I begin developing the look and feel of the product UI, typography, and brand colors, then reiterate based on feedback. I prototype user flows with Invision, or provide live code examples to demonstrate animation and transitions.

User Research and Testing

User Research and Testing

Depending on the type of project, I’ll create A/B tests in Optimizely to measure and verify ideas and updates, or conduct user surveys and meet with the sales or support team to learn more about the product and its users.

Asset Management and Documentation

Asset Management and Documentation

I like to make sure that designs are packaged in a way that is easy to implement and update. Creating pattern libraries and asset management workflows have been useful when delivering project files to developers.

Recent UI/UX Projects

StudyMode Drive

  • UI/UX Design, A/B Testing, Mobile App

StudyMode Drive is a document sharing and collaboration platform to connect students to research and study for better grades.

DAX Production Cloud

  • UI/UX Design, Brand Styleguide

The DAX Production Cloud is a digital asset management software for the review of dailies, cuts, and documents for networks and studios.

The StudioSystem

  • UI & Email Design

The StudioSystem is the leading source of entertainment data that provides verified credits, research/analysis, and industry contacts.

About Me

I'm a designer based in Los Angeles, CA and I believe that the internet should look good and be easy to use.

I prefer designing UI frameworks for apps and software such as multi-user platforms and B2B/Whitelabel products. I enjoy learning about new tools and techniques that improve the collboration between product and tech, and I believe that testing and research is always important in measuring the success of a design.

I am currently searching for a full-time position with a UI/UX team to help create awesome products.

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UI/UX Design & Development Portfolio

Hi! I'm a designer based in Los Angeles and I believe the internet should look good and be easy to use. Check out my work!